Mindfulness Course for people with cancer starting in January 2018

The course is for people who have/have had cancer and carers. 
The next course runs from 30 January to 20 March 2018, on Tuesdays between 11:00-13:00, and Saturday, 10 March 2018 between 10:00-16:00 at Paul’s Cancer Support Centre, Battersea. 
Benefits of mindfulness:
• Better ability to cope with the stresses and uncertainties of everyday life
• Improved sleep and ability to relax
• Improved equanimity – learning the skill of responding rather than reacting to situations
• Working gently to promote kindness towards yourself and others
Research findings from the eight week course, from peer-reviewed studies, report significant improvements in anxiety, depression, stress, sexual difficulties, immune function and feelings of wellbeing. Click here for further information.
To apply please email support@paulscancersupport.org.uk